• Psychological consultation sessions

> Individual sessions: 156CHF (1H) *

> Couple sessions: 252CHF (1H30) *


  •   Psychological counseling by phone or video conference: 156CHF (1H)

 Why would a phone or video conference counselling needed?


   If you need a counselling session, but a therapeutic approach seems either premature or overwhelming, perhaps a telephone consultation could be more suitable.


 This can be suitable if you would like to test a consultation before you decide for a therapeutic solution.


If you do not like direct contact for various reasons, but you would like to benefit from a professional approach to your problem before a situation escalates into a crisis.


You can not or do not want to move.


  • Weekends "time out"
    The price depends on the length of the workshop

(arrival Friday night - departure Sunday afternoon: the price includes therapeutic sessions and food but not transportation costs or accomodation)




* Reduced rate (students, unemployed, or otherwise) on request


I am recognized by the ASCA (Switzerland Foundation for Alternative Medicine) and some additional insurance providers reimburse the sessions, so please check with your insurance.

The benefits of psychotherapy are covered by the mandatory swiss base health insurance if they are provided by a psychiatrist . I do not work in delegation with a psychiatrist, therefore unfortunately a settlement with the mandatory swiss base health insurance is not possible.