• Psychological consultation in my office

Sessions are conducted at regular intervals of one or two weeks. Various means of intervention and verbal and non-verbal techniques are used, including a focus on specific methods of Gestalt therapy.


  • Psychological consultation outside the office

Talking while walking is a good way to get in touch with feelings and provides an opportunity to recharge, manage stress and learn to breathe in a setting conducive for relaxation.


The session begins with half an hour of reflexology (foot massage) to relax and work more directly on any physical blockages present, with the rest of the session including traditional psychological counselling.


  • Body & Soul Package

10 customized sessions of 1H - with options including psychological consultations in my practice and specific cosmetic treatments with Jasmin El-Etribi (beautician specialising in makeup, facials or body care). This package is ideal to increase your self-confidence and feel more at home in your skin.

  •  Time out in Paris

A workshop in Paris can provide a break from your daily routine - a change of scenery while working on yourself. This two-day workshop in the heart of the Marais district of Paris (4th arrondissement- 10 minutes from Gare de Lyon) will give you the opportunity to see your life from a different perspective, to deepen your self-awareness in a pleasant environment, to redefine your priorities and start again with a new burst of energy.

Weekends for groups of 6 or more: available dates