• Psychological consultation in my office

Sessions are conducted at regular intervals of one or two weeks. Various means of intervention and verbal and non-verbal techniques are used, including a focus on specific methods of Gestalt therapy.


  • Psychological consultation outside the office

Talking while walking is a good way to get in touch with feelings and provides an opportunity to recharge, manage stress and learn to breathe in a setting conducive for relaxation.


  •  Time out in Paris

A workshop in Paris can provide a break from your daily routine - a change of scenery while working on yourself. This two-day intensive workshop in the heart of the Marais district of Paris (4th arrondissement- 10 minutes from Gare de Lyon) will give you the opportunity to see your life from a different perspective, to deepen your self-awareness in a pleasant environment, to redefine your priorities and start again with a new burst of energy.

Workshops also available for couples.