Psychological counselling can be helpful to deal with:

  • burnout
  • depression
  • difficult relations
  • physical pain
  • domestic violence
  • anxiety


You face a difficult stage of life:

  • bereavement
  • separation
  • dismissal / problems at work
  • sickness
  • integration difficulties / moving / expatriation
  • family or partner problems
  • identity crisis


You want to:

  • grow your self-esteem
  • manage your stress
  • develop your talents and potential
  • work on personal development
  • increase your life quality


The sessions we will have together will enable you to mindfully consider your situation and how you adjust to your environment, to understand the meaning of your actions (focusing on the how), to accept and include your emotional and physical feelings in your personal journey, to open new possibilities and make decisions that suit you.


My working method is based on Gestalt therapy, with emphasis on the here and now and the development of your inner resources.


I speak english, french (my mother tongue) and german.


LGBTQIA+ friendly